How many days is processing time?

Each product is handmade to perfection so it can take up to 7 processing (business) days before shipment.

How long is shipping time?

Shipping is dependent on the carrier and location. On average it takes about 2-3 business days.

What are the shipping rates?

Shipping rates are dependent on the weight of each package and the carrier. They are subject to change. 


Can I use the scrub on my face?

Each scrub is designated for the body. We do not recommend facial use. 

Which product is made for the bikini area?

Lemon Honey Brightening Body Scrub is designated for your "lady area". This body scrub is fragrance free and is made to brighten up your lady area, rid ingrown hairs, and limit razor bumps.

How often should I exfoliate?

We recommend for you to exfoliate twice a week or every 3 days. Exfoliating everyday is NOT recommended. Nonetheless, consistency is key!

I have sensitive skin. Should I exfoliate?

Each body scrub is very gentle on the skin. Test out a small area on your body before full body use. Consult with a doctor if you are prone to skin reactivity. 


When are the restocks?

Our goal is to keep the website stocked and up to date. If a product becomes sold out, you can stay informed of product availability via Instagram and subscription emails.