About Us

Natural Glow & Co. Owner and Founder, Dabrionne Slayton

What is Natural Glow & Co.?

Natural Glow & Co. is an all-natural body care essential line, handmade to rejuvenate and revitalize your beautiful skin. Our mission is to provide high-quality body products that will enhance the health and purity of the skin through safe and natural products that are both good for the skin and environment. We advocate for positive principles and morality, aspiring to create positive change throughout the health and wellness industry. 



What inspired Dabrionne to launch a Body Care Essential Line?

As many women experience, Dabrionne struggled with stubborn skin scarring, razor burns and ingrown hairs that continued to worsen by the day. Experimenting with different shelf-products, she failed to find the perfect remedy for her skin. As her patience grew short, she found it imperative to create her own remedy to achieve the results she yearned for. By self-formulating body care products using rich carrier and essential oils, she experienced a beautiful change in her skin.        Dabrionne's journey inspired her to help others discover their natural glow by offering her all-natural handmade body care products. 

Dabrionne is a huge advocate for self-care and women empowerment. She aspires to help women love their skin by using Natural Glow & Co.